1Drop will attend the NIH-IEEE Special Topics Conference on Healthcare Innovations and Point of Care Technologies.

Don’t miss the chance to meet Dr. Luc Gervais, CEO of 1Drop Diagnostics, and learn more about how we are saving lives through better and faster portable medical diagnostics.

We will give an invited presentation: “Combining Capillary-Driven Microfluidics and Photonics for Laboratory Quality Portable Medical Diagnostics” on Thursday, November 10 at 14:00.

The conference will provide a forum for all stakeholders in healthcare to elucidate the barriers and challenges in the broad delivery of quality, accurate, and affordable health care. Features include discussions on the role of point-of-care diagnostic systems in quality global healthcare from the perspectives of all stakeholders, especially in underserved and under-resourced populations; and barriers and challenges to adoption and mechanisms by which innovative technologies can be collectively addressed and overcome by collaboration across all stakeholders for quality global healthcare. Through panel discussions and breakout sessions, the conference will also provide opportunities for stakeholders to explore collaborations and synergies to accelerate healthcare system development, validation, deployment and adoption in a manner consistent with the needs of the stakeholder groups, and to achieve the overall goal of improving healthcare at affordable cost.

We look forward to meeting you in Cancun.

Event Details

Date: November 9-11, 2016
Venue: CasaMagna Marriott Cancún Resort, Cancun, Mexico

You can find more information here

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