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Assess your risk of developing heart disease with the high-sensitivity CRP inflammation biomarker test.

Better Cholesterol Test

Reveal your risk of developing plaque and cardiovascular disease. Better than traditional cholesterol tests.

Diabetes Risk

Know your risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Assess how well you control your blood sugar.

Kidney Function

Kidney disease is severely under diagnosed. Know your risk of kidney disease with this kidney function test.

Valuable test results in a few minutes

Your health at your finger tips

1DROP easily measures biomarkers from a tiny drop of blood directly in front of you. Get laboratory quality results to monitor your health.

Do so much with a drop of blood

Personalized health insights from a drop of blood containing tremendous information: millions of cells, trillions of small molecules like proteins, nucleic acids, small molecules and ions.

Monitor your health

See relations between past results. Get a full picture of how your health is trending. Guide healthcare providers to adjust treatment.

Share your data

Share your data with your care team of family, friends, healthcare providers. Your data is interoperable with electronic health records.

How it works

Order online test anywhere

Choose your tests

Shop for tests on the 1DROP website or App. Order your tests and they will be shipped to you.

Test your sample

Insert the Chip into the Reader. Collect a finger prick of blood and place it on the Chip. The 1DROP Reader analyzes your sample within 15 minutes.

View your results

View your test results on the secure and private patient portal on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Easily share your results with your doctor, family, friends. Obtain guidance on your next steps.

Featured in

“Giving back precious minutes to doctors when it is most needed to save lives.”


“Pushes point-of-care diagnostics to the next level.”

– MIT Technology Review

“Speed up medical diagnostic testing. Breakthrough means physicians can test a patient immediately following a heart attack to improve survival rates.”


“The same performance in terms of accuracy, precision and sensitivity as a traditional blood test done in a centralised laboratory.”

– Le Temps

“With a high level of performance, practitioners and pharmacists increasingly can take charge of patient care. Results can be transmitted directly to the doctor or the patient on a smartphone.”

– Bilan

“A portable diagnostic tool that can detect hundreds of diseases from a simple drop of blood. The device can confirm a heart attack in less than ten minutes.”

– EPFL Reflex

“The evolution of the medical laboratory towards decentralised analysis.”



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Your health and high sensitivity C-reactive protein: why tracking inflammation is important

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