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Small Sample. Big Results.

Your Health At Your Finger Tips

1Drop easily measures biomarkers from a tiny drop of blood immediately in front of the patient.

Obtain laboratory quality results, monitor your health, share with your care team.

Do So Much From A Tiny Drop Of Blood

One drop of blood contains a massive amount of information, millions of cells, trillions of small molecules like proteins, nucleic acids and ions.

1Drop provides personalized health insights by measuring biomarkers in a single drop of blood.

Monitor Your Health

See relations between past results. Get a full picture of how your health is trending.

Guide healthcare providers to adjust treatment.

Share Your Data

Share your data with your care team: family, friends, healthcare providers. They can be there if you need help.

Share your data with your electronic health record.

Monthly Data

Laboratory Quality Medical Diagnostics.


Precisely control liquids and biochemical reactions using capillary-driven microfluidics.


Analyse with high-sensitivity, accuracy and precision using photonics quantification.


Detect multiple biomarkers of cardiovascular health: NT-proBNP, D-Dimer, Troponin, CRP.

This is just the start, there are many other clinical applications.

As Easy As 123.

1Drop Chip

Apply a finger stick of blood to the 1Drop Chip to perform multiple diagnostics tests.

1Drop Reader

The 1Drop Reader analyses the sample and transmits the results.

1Drop App

The 1Drop app reports your diagnostic results. You can monitor your health and share data with your care team.

Places That Have Featured Our Work

“Giving back precious minutes to doctors when it is most needed to save lives.”


“Pushes point-of-care diagnostics to the next level.”

– MIT Technology Review

“Speed up medical diagnostic testing. Breakthrough means physicians can test a patient immediately following a heart attack to improve survival rates.”


“The same performance in terms of accuracy, precision and sensitivity as a traditional blood test done in a centralised laboratory.”

– Le Temps

“With a high level of performance, practitioners and pharmacists increasingly can take charge of patient care. Results can be transmitted directly to the doctor or the patient on a smartphone.”

– Bilan

“A portable diagnostic tool that can detect hundreds of diseases from a simple drop of blood. The device can confirm a heart attack in less than ten minutes.”

– EPFL Reflex

“The evolution of the medical laboratory towards decentralised analysis.”


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